At Torque Body Shop we are the driving force behind human movement. Our mission is to help you reach your full potential physically, mentally & emotionally whether that’s on a bike, on a mat or at one of our community events or retreats.

Torque Body Shop was founded to bring a higher level of health and vitality to those who are eager to learn, grow and flourish. We live in a world full of quick fixes and for-profit hoaxes that are leading the human race to disease, depression and divide. Whether it is the foods we eat, the jobs we work, the activities we take part in, the services that we have available or the mindset that we start with each and every day – we can do better! We want to change the course and develop a space where like-minded individuals can come together to develop into the best version of themselves and never stop growing – physically, mentally, culturally and more!

We bring together experts and educators in the fields of fitness, nutrition, medicine, culture & beyond to provide the community with a new perspective and a more powerful stance in developing more vitality and longevity each and every day!

Offering a full schedule of both movement and cycle classes, unique wellness events and both local and international retreats for you to get to know your community and motivate and support one another through this crazy thing we call life!